The Computer used for controlling AIS 2 is a standard PC running under Microsoft Windows® 7 Home Premium. Other operating systems like Mac OS or Linux are not supported.

A desktop housing was selected to allow for stacking of components:


The use of older inverted Zeiss microscopes require a special I/O card for input of information about the lens currently in light path of the microscope. Also, the motorized "Axiovert" 135M is completely controlled by this card.

The motorized "Axiovert" 200 series microscopes have build in lens position encoding. However, the manual version requires an interface board built into the microscope (Carl Zeiss part No.: 000000-1015-381). All newer Microscopes from Carl Zeiss require an additional serial port in the computer. Our program fully supports the current Axio Observer.Z1 inverted microscope.

For receiving the digital data of the firewire camera the computer needs an IEEE 1394 interface (firewire port).